What is Comedy Unleashed?

We host free-thinking comedians who leave their self-censorship button at the door, stand-up comedians who think outside the groupthink bubble and make us laugh. Our audience is open-minded and up for something fresh. Comics who try out new approaches and ideas tend to get the best reception. Nodding along to sermons with wisecracks is out.

We encourage new and up-and-coming comedians to try out new stuff. The current comedy circuit schools emerging comedians into a safe, tramline orthodoxy. Real talent is being wasted. Comedians need an audience which is open-minded to test out ideas without the fear of being misunderstood and labelled.

Each evening will be a mix of top talent and new comedians – from all walks of life, from all perspectives, from across the political spectrum and without boundaries.

We held a one-off event on the eve of the 2017 election. Many people described it as the funniest evening for years – and we need a laugh. We’ve now made it a regular evening.

If you're a comedian...

..who would like to perform at the club, or a journalist who’d like to find out more, or you’d like Comedy Unleashed in your town, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Why do we need a 'free-thinking' comedy club?

A lot of what passes for satire is tired and predictable. Many comedians simply follow the news and add a few punchlines. Where is the critical thinking? Where is the free spirit of exploration? Where are the contrarians? We want to be challenged, not patronised. We need a new comedy which upturns the status quo and we intend to shake things up.

Do you think some subjects are out-of-bounds?

No. If something is funny .. it’s funny. We shouldn’t be afraid of exploring prejudices, contrarian views and hidden thoughts. If someone is gratuitous or nasty, people won’t be amused. The audience is the ultimate judge.

Is everyone allowed into the club?

Of course! However, if you are someone who likes to be offended or willfully seeks to be offended on other people’s behalf, perhaps you should take the night off. This club is for the intellectually curious and the open-minded among us.