The Telegraph - 7th March 2020

Times have changed. On the one hand, society is far more relaxed and liberal, but on the other, public figures are careful about saying the wrong thing, writes comedy club co-founder Andy Shaw.

Spectator USA - 10th June 2019

Titania McGrath AKA Andrew Doyle responds to an article in Vice regarding Comedy Unleashed’s ‘problematic clientele’.

L-Incorrect - 1st January 2019

From across the English Channel: Will Franken: Le politiquement correct a institué son obsession pathologique de n’offenser personne.

Chortle - 19th December 2018

Chortle article by Comedy Unleashed co-founder, Andy Shaw: ‘Why we need unsafe comedy’.

Sky News - 12th December 2018

Sky News reports on Konstantin Kisin’s spoof on safe space ‘behavioural agreements’ at Comedy Unleashed.

Spiked - 23rd November 2018

How new comedians are dealing with PC culture.

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The Sunday Times - 5th August 2018

Comedy Unleashed is “at the heart of the movement” where comics poke fun at liberal sanctimony and hypocrisy.

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Spiked - 6th June 2018

Meet the drag queen who started her comeback at Comedy Unleashed after being banned for defending free speech, 6th June 2018

On Tuesday 12th June, Vanity von Glow started her comeback at Comedy Unleashed. Here Andrew Doyle, co-founder of the club, provides some background.

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Will Franken Interview - 13th March 2018

The controversial Will Franken was headlining at Comedy Unleashed. Co-founder Andy Shaw caught up with Will, to find out what we can expect and to discuss why many comedians have become lazy and predictable.

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Chortle - 14th February 2018

Chortle reports on the opening night of Comedy Unleashed:
‘The New Free Speech Night’.

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The Daily Telegraph - 1st February 2018

“Just when you thought comedy was too PC”, Rupert Hawksley, Daily Telegraph, reports on “Comedy Unleashed, the new show where comedy is rescued from the PC brigade and anything goes”.

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Sunday Telegraph - 21st January 2018

Zoe Strimpel, Sunday Telegraph says: “But hark! Through the gloom of political correctness, Comedy Unleashed shows that some blue shoots are emerging”.

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The Times - 17th January 2018

The Times reports that Comedy Unleashed “encourages comedians that make jokes about targets that escape the mainstream satirists”.

The Times
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